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CFB open thread

  Sure, you know the Vikings and Saints are kicking off the 2010 season tonight.  But there's future NFLers in action tonight as well.  In case you catch either of the two games tonight, here's an open thread (and my week 2 watch list).

  Speaking of NFL prospects, in case you hadn't heard, Georgia WR A.J. Green has been suspended for the next three games for allgedly selling his jersey to an agent.  He's someone that's already been thrown around TST as a potential 1st round pick in the 2011 draft.  I doubt this will affect his stock as long as his play doesn't suffer from the extended break.

 Still, there's plenty to watch on Saturday even if Green doesn't help the Bulldogs against South Carolina on Saturday.  With a great slate of college games and episode 2 of Turf Show Radio (I have already sacrificed a goat to prevent technical difficulties.  Rest In Peace, beautiful goat.), Saturday should be a good day.