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Rams name team captains

This afternoon, the St. Louis Rams named RB Steven Jackson and S Oshiomogho Atogwe their team captains for the 2010 NFL season. 

Having watched Jackson since he was rookie, I might be most impressed with how he's grown into the leader of this team. Not only is he the team's most recognizable player, he's now their voice. 

Joining SJ39 and Atogwe as captains this week are LS Chris Massey and DE James Hall

In other news from today's practice, Mark Clayton was on the field working in Donnie Avery's old spot. Getting Clayton was a smart, low-cost move to give the team a capable wide receiver, with a good track record for staying healthy. Hopefully, what they lost in Avery's speed they can make up for with Clayton's route running. He's going to have to work on those hands though. 

SS James Butler practiced today. And a full injury report will be released later this afternoon. 

The Rams did not practice yesterday, but Spagnuolo and Sam Bradford spent some quality time together. No, they weren't riding unicycles around Forest Park, they were going over Arizona's defense

The Cardinals will start OG Deuce Lutui against the Rams this week. No word as to how much of his 400 lbs he's shed since June.