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Know Your Rams: Week One


Hello and Welcome! Know Your Rams is a game created much like the You Pick'Em we had during the playoffs, but it is slightly more aimed at the Rams, considering they actually will be playing in the regular season (zing). Below you'll find a sheet that you can fill out to play, and each week I'll keep a tab on who's winning and so forth.

A few rules before you jump in: Obviously, you can only get points if you turn in your sheet before the game starts. Each question is worth one point except for questions in which you can have more then one answer (say for touchdowns, you pick Hooma' and Steven Jackson, they both score, you get two points, one for each correct selection).

Finally, there is always a freebie, so there is no way you'll end up with zero.

That's about it, and remember, have fun. Hit the jump to fill out your page!