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Random Ramsdom, 9/7: Week 1 begins

So much for a quiet holiday weekend. The St. Louis Rams spent the weekend whittling down their roster to 53 players, setting up their practice squad and making a trade with Baltimore for veteran WR Mark Clayton. Oh, and it's officially week 1 of the regular season. Let's get random.

Clayton isn't the only former Raven on the Rams' radar. Demetrius Williams is coming to town for a visit today as the Rams continue to look for useful parts on the waiver wire. 

As for Clayton, it's all about the routes. Clayton works the timing routes with aplomb and that's a good thing for the Rams' West Coast offense that features a highly accurate QB. 

The Rams are a 4-point underdog against the Cardinals for their season opener.  Would take them to win? To beat the spread?

LB Bobby Carpenter reunited with Bill Parcels as the Dolphins claimed him this weekend. 

Here's Baltimore GM Ozzie Newsome on the Clayton trade:

Everyone here has the highest regard for Mark. He’ll help the Rams, and it’s good for him that they reached out to get him. Mark is a good person who did everything he could to help the Ravens on and off the field.

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