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The 2010 Turf Show Times Annual

  A couple notes before you jump in.

  This was our first effort at putting an annual together, so please bear that in mind before ripping us up.  That being said, I, 3k, am solely responsible for the design.  You can probably tell, because it certainly doesn't look incredible.  So spare Van from any criticism.  Secondly, the player pages are, obviously, missing some people.  There were also pages for people who didn't make the cut (i.e. Brooks Foster, Bobby Carpenter).  It is what it is.

  If you have any criticism, try to make it constuctive.  Even now as I write this, there were things I wish we did differently or things I wish we had written more or that we had scheduled people to write more stories.  It's certainly the aspect of the annual we're lacking in the most: content.  Still, with nearly 100 pages, it's not exactly a pamphlet.

  If you find any mistakes, feel free to comment or e-mail Van.  I'll fix them and re-release.  And if time permits, though I doubt it will, I'll go back and add pages for guys to reflect the 53-man roster.  For now, enjoy.

  The 2010 Turf Show Times Annual, v1.0 (~17.5MB).