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Fantasy weekend: Over-thinking the draft

Okay, I thought I'd take a different tack for this week's fantasy football post. I'd like to present you with my fantasy league draft and all the neurotic second guessing I'm having about the team now. 

A note, this draft happened during last night's episode of Turf Show Radio, so I put the draft on autopilot in order to concentrate on all the great callers we had last night. I almost prefer auto picking in some respects because it take the over-thinking out of it for me. In all honesty, you can prepare all you want, but I've never noticed a difference between autopilot and handwringing your way through umpteen rounds. Of course, I do pre-rank the players which helps you avoid the injuries. 

On with the analysis.

My first three picks - I had the second overall spot - went like this:

RB Adrian Peterson, MIN; QB Tony Romo, DAL; RB Ronnie Brown, MIA

I guess I'm fine with Peterson, but I almost feel like the top QBs are the way to go, but maybe not at pick #2. Romo should be a decent QB, but his protection issues scare me. Brown is a classic robot pick, d'oh.

Next three...

WR Brandon Marshall, MIA; WR Steve Smith, NYG; WR Anquan Boldin, BAL

I'm happy with my top three receivers. Smith should be the main guy for Eli Manning, and Baltimore suddenly has a passing game. 

Moving on...

RB Brandon Jacobs, NYG; TE Chris Cooley, WAS; WR Michael Crabtree, SF

I hate having to depend on a 49er, but Crabtree should be the go-to guy...after Vernon Davis in SF. Jacobs isn't the starter, but he plays for team that uses a rotation...I'm really "meh" on this pick. Cooley seems like a good tight end with McNabb throwing him the ball.

The next three...

QB Matthew Stafford, DET; WR Donald Driver, GB; WR Malcolm Floyd, SD

Stafford isn't a bad #2 QB because he has some decent weapons; can he stay upright? Driver is a classic autopilot pick, but he has topped 1,000 yards every year since 2003 while staying healthy. At 36, that won't be as easy as it used to be. Floyd is the #1 in San Diego while Vincent Jackson, who won't be coming to the Rams after all, serves a six game suspension.

The next three...

RB Justin Forsett, SEA; NYG DST; K Josh Scobee, JAC

For a 13th-round pick I'll take Forsett, who is part of a bad backfield situation in Seattle. The Giants defense struggled without Spagnuolo last year, but I think they'll find their feet this year. In all honesty, I'll probably shop around on the waiver wire for a DST anyway.  

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