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Random Ramsdom, Sunday 9-5: Let the New Era Begin

All I can say is wow! A LOT has been happening around Rams nation, from the decision on who will be the Rams starting QB for game 1, to final roster cuts, to Vincent Jackson ramblings, to.. you get my point. I'll do my best to cover all I can.

Obviously the big news yesterday, was the decision that Sam Bradford gets the nod to start the regular season.

His strong performance in his lone series of the Rams final preseason game against the Ravens, all but sealed the deal on the decision, and also capped off what has to be one of the most impressive preseason performances by a number 1 pick at the QB position in a very long time. You can't argue that!

You can say Sam made the decision fairly easy for Spags and company. But that's OK! We'll take it right?

OK enough Bradford drooling.. now onto the links:

  • Sam Bradford will be the Rams starting QB in game 1 against the Cardinals. As stated above, definitely not a surprise, and well deserved. Two things have stood out to me about Bradford. The first thing is when he is on the field, other players seem to elevate their play (ie; guys like Bajema). That is hard to ignore. The second thing is how he looks very much like a 5+ year veteran - calling audibles, completing gorgeous play-action passes and taking command of the huddle and game. Spags said it best when talking about the decision to start him, when he said that Bradford, "earned it". He sure did.
  • The Rams have announced their final roster cuts. Danario Alexander, Keith Null, Bobby Carpenter, Brandon McRae, Quincy Butler, Chris Ogbannaya and Victor Adeyanju were some of the top names who were cut. Van also has some thoughts and more info here.
  • Mike Sando has a nice breakdown of the final cuts, including surprises, no-brainers and potential future plans. Technically we are short 1 offensive lineman so expect a move there. YES we hold the #1 waiver priority. GOOD. We need it. Also, he mentioned the Rams tried Bobby Carpenter at defensive end. Huh? I don't recall this. Is this a typo? Enlighten me.
  • Vincent Jackson won't be a Ram. Here we go again. Why is it we seem to "be in talks with", or said to be, "very interested in" a top player, only to have it be denied or fizzle out? I do have to give the FO credit; they never rush a decision. Hopefully they are the right decisions. However, are we ever going to sign a #1 receiver or backup RB? We're patiently waiting Billy... not sure for how much longer!
  • Steven Jackson and other Rams players praise Spags, and mentioned his commitment to making the team more physical. I LIKE this A LOT. It's always great to hear when players speak so highly of their coach. The last time I heard things like this was 1999. Hmmmmm
  • Turf Show Radio was in action yesterday as Van and 3k enlightened us in everything "Rams". Hopefully the replay audio is up now (it wasn't as of this writing), but if not keep checking back. I honestly couldn't listen live as I had a fantasy football draft to attend, so I can't promise you 3k wasn't crooning any xmas songs like he did at the end of last year. Be warned.

    Audio is up - Just listened in, BEST episode ever, by far. Lots of callers, including RamChop who is feeling good.. whoever was the first caller from Jersey, you had me fired up! AWESOME call, I urge everyone to listen.
That's about it for today.. even though I say that lightly (catching breath). Enjoy your Sunday, and remember.. the next time you read a Random Ramsdom from me, it will be on a day when the Rams play a MEANINGFUL regular season game!

On a side note, I've been an author here for about a month (thank you Van & 3k), and a regular reader for almost 2 years. I want to say that (speaking for all authors, editors and management) we truly appreciate everyone's input here. The knowledge and opinions you all share here (whether good or bad) are things you definitely don't see in the top sports sites, and you ALL know what ones i'm talking about.

This in my personal opinion is the best dang Rams site on the planet, period. Why? Because we have the best PEOPLE on the planet, YOU! Keep the comments coming, (YES even you RamChop j/k) and let's make some noise.. Rams football is on it's way back!

GO RAMS !!!!