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Random Ramsdom: 9/27/2010

All I do is win.
All I do is win.

Seeing as how I do (most) Random Ramsdom posts on Monday, I feel as though I have a special little niche in the overreaction Monday zone. That being said, I haven't been able to do a Monday post where the Rams won since they beat the Lions eons ago last season. Strange to think that this is only the second RR post I've done where the Rams have won a game. Weird.


Anyway, onto the links:

  • Apparently the Rams aren't too jazzed about Larry Johnson as some "Senior NFL Analyst"(s) thought. You know, because he isn't very good anymore at all.
  • This is the game recap from ESPN, but I thought I'd link it because it made the front page of their site. Soak it up.
  • Ramsherd thinks this isn't the same old Rams anymore. For everyone's sake, lets hope that holds to be true throughout the season.
  • Ramsgab has some injury updates. Steven Jackson as you know is scheduled for an MRI, and we'll know more about that today and tomorrow, but it looks as though Dominique Curry isn't coming back.
  • Mike Sando has his wrap-up of the game. What happened, what could happen, and what should have been done, all in one wrapped up piece of writing. (It's funny because it's a wrap-up. Get it?...)
  • Bernie's article is all smiles. Literally.
  • Jim Thomas has some nice bits about the game yesterday. Brandon Gibson played so well he was relegated to flag waving status at the end of the game. Things like that.

That's all for this morning, so enjoy your post-victory Monday and as always, Go Rams!