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Rams recap, week 3: The Quick Five

I can't believe it. If you would have told me that Kenneth Darby and Pat Shurmur would have spearhead the Rams offense attack today and scored 30 points, I would have probably laughed so hard I would have pissed in my pants.

Everything that we've been waiting to see we saw today.


James Lauranaitis, LB

If Steven Jackson is the beast on offense, then he is definitely the man on defense. He was making people look like ragdolls, and was generally a force to be reckoned with throughout the game.


Pat Shurmur, OC

I honestly don't know what to say. I mean, they passed the ball well. They ran the ball well. They sputtered a bit, yeah, but for the most part, this side of the ball looked good. The plays worked, they executed well. THey went for it on 3rd and 20 in serious crunch time and converted. And all of this without Steven Jackson? Seriously, where the heck has this been


Chris Long, DE

Can you just imagine how much this guy would dominate if the Rams had a consistent DE on the other end? James Hall is good, but imagine if he was like this and not 30 something.



Danny Amendola, WR

Who was it that said Mardy Gilyard would replace him, and what were they smoking? If Donnie Avery wasn't injured, it may be different, but Amendola is the best WR on the team, period. When you need something done, you go to him.


Kenneth Darby, RB

Pat Shurmur and Kenneth Darby get green arrows? This is what makes the first two loses so painful. When this team plays hard, they can go toe to toe with any team. Darby was exactly what we always wanted; an effective runner.


There may have been negatives (Jason Smith), but I sure don't care right now. I have to feel good for Steve Spagnuolo, he definitely deserved this win.