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Random Ramsdom, 9-26: Here Come the Skins


Hello Rams fans.. can you believe I just woke up and realized I hadn't posted the Sunday Random Ramsdom? Don't get old.. trust me, it sucks.

Well, it's week 3 already and we're all itching for a win. After two tough losses to opponents we should have beat, a win today over the Redskins would certainly be a welcome treat wouldn't it?

On to the links:

  • Looking for game previews? Skip ESPN.. as usual, we could be playing Notre Dame and they would still not pick us, or say anything good.. so take a look at two of the best i've seen from sbnation and 3k of course.
  • Turf Show Radio was on the air yesterday, and once again, some fantastic content. Yes I called in and questioned Shurmur.I know you wanted to.. heck 99% of St. Louis wanted to, glad I could represent.
  • Along with the Skins comes Adam Carriker... you remember him right? He's the guy we traded for essentially a cup of Starbucks and a donut.. at least according to Carriker. He comes in with a chip on his shoulder, and having a good year. Great. If I would have known pissing hm off would get him to play better I would have flown to St. Louis and gave him a wedgie.. or raspberry.. something!
  • Spags isn't worried about Josh Brown. That's great to hear. He's also not worried about our BU running back situation, WR, play calling, game management or his 1-17 record. OK maybe i'm going overboard, but is it me, or is all the positiveness getting old? How about saying "Yes it's an issue we need to keep an eye on." Anything real coach?
  • OH yea.. London Fletcher is coming home too.. a guy I deeply respect. How can you not respect a guy who started on the 1999 Superbowl team?
  • Bernie's post made me a bit depressed, but he really has a point. I hope we're not puking by the seond quarter.
  • Cudjo and Onobun make their long awaited appearances today.. OK so this leans a little more toward Onobun, but look for Cudjo to come out swinging.
  • Flajole says we need a better pass rush from our front four. No surprise, as this has been an issue for a VERY long time. Feels good to hear someone call out some players though. 
  • If anything, we better protect Sam today. Haslett is the DC for DC and don't be surprised if he sends the house, including the waterboy.

That's about it for today. Now with your permission, i'd like to get out of bed and grab some coffee and then get taped up. OH wait, I don't play. Guess i'm not fully awake yet.

See y'all in the game thread.. by the way 3k, where was roll call last week? Hmph!