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VT's Pre-Game "Breakdown" WK 3

Hey Rams fans. This week the Redskins roll into town, and while Portis can pose a serious threat, I think the Redskins bring their version of a 1-2 punch that can often times be overlooked... and who is the second punch? FB Mike Sellers.

Sellers is one of those guys with deceptive speed for such a large frame. We're talking about an undrafted 10 year vet, 6' 3" and 268 pounds with really soft hands.. and did I mention he can block? These physical tools landed him a ticket to Honolulu in 2008 as well (Pro Bowl).

I think the Rams need to seriously plan for Sellers a part of their overall game plan this week.

Enjoy! And make sure you hit 3k's full pregame preview below this post. It's a must read as it is every week!