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College football open thread / TSR reminder


  Another weekend, another Rams game, another episode of Turf Show Radio.  You know the deal.  We talk the last game, we talk the next game, we talk the guessing game, hell, we might even talk about the Game (but not if I have anything to do about it).  And as always, we'll finish the episode with some draft talk, and there's plenty to discuss especially considering Saturday's slate of games. Of course, we'll have a live open thread up, but if you feel so inclined (and we both know you do), you can call in at  (818) 495-6910.

  Speaking of open threads, Gameday's in Boise right now.  Blue fields are stupid, but whatever.  There's a couple hundred future NFLers in action today; it's a solid Saturday lineup, except for the Big 10 who decided they were going to mail this weekend in.  What are you going to be watching?  What prospects are you eager to check out?  Here's my watch list if you need a couple names from the games.  Lames...