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It's not Pat: Random Ramsdom, 9/24

The St. Louis Rams are looking for something, the ability to score points. Once dubbed "The Greatest Show on Turf," the Rams have declined into the "Not Much to See Show on Turf," averaging less than 11 points per game last season and just 13.5 points so far this season. 

Don't blame offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, says RB Steven Jackson. The Rams superstar says something that I think largely explains the offensive struggles:

I'm just saying as players, when a play is called, we have to execute it. We can't concern ourselves with things that are not within our control — our control is executing the plays.

Of course, he goes on to talk about exploiting the matchups, i.e. going with the spread look to counter 8 guys in the box. The truth of the matter is that it's a little bit of both. Rams receivers were not doing a great job of getting separation from defenders in the first two games. On the other hand, play action passes and the two minute offense all but disappeared at moments when both could have been well employed. Yada, yada, yada...broken records. Let's see what happens this week. 

Injuries could be a real issue this week. SS Craig Dahl had a set back yesterday, exhibiting more concussion symptoms after a workout. DT Clifton Ryan is still trying to get his migraines figured out, and WR Laurent Robinson didn't practice at all. 

Robinson had little to no impact last week, playing with an injured foot, so getting healthy receivers like Brandon Gibson and Mardy Gilyard on the field could be an upgrade for the offense.

That Vincent Jackson trade sure would have been nice, huh?

Rams defensive coordinator Ken Flajole wants to see more aggression from his front four. He mentioned that his wish could be a little difficult this against Washington QB Donovan McNabb who does some of his best work on rollouts, does Sam Bradford.

Mardy Gilyard and Fendi Onobun will see playing time this week, and it would be a great chance for them to cement their names in the Rams offense going forward. I know to temper rookie expectations, but hopefully the Rams can use both these guys effectively and we get a glimpse of their bright futures. 

Washington LT Trent Williams will try to practice today, and get on track to play this weekend. 

Clinton Portis will look to get the run game going for Washington this weekend. He had 79 yards on 19 carries against the Rams last year, and 129 yards on 21 carries the year before, in St. Louis' surprise victory.