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Random Ramsdom: 9/23/2010

Since my computer is leaking memory like a civ right now, I'm just going to spit out the links for this morning:


Apparently nobody could meet the Chargers demands for Vincent Jackson. Teams had given acceptable contracts for VJ, only to get shot down by the Chargers. And personally, I call BS about the whole "the Rams don't want him anymore because of x." If you are going to trade for him, your going to give up picks. A player of his caliber is going to demand some coin. And it's fairly obvious he has a DUI, which the Rams kinda already knew about two days ago when they were interested. But way for Devaney to look out for the other GM's and save face instead of saying Smith is a total tightwad. And that my friends, looks exactly like what happened. If the Chargers demands were lower...a certain someone would be in blue and gold.

Mike Sando has a certain head coach falling in his NFC Stock Watch. After the undisciplined mess in Oakland, I don't really blame him. Not having your team ready shouldn't ever happen in the NFL. Sando also takes a look at the injury watch around the division.

Ramsherd checks in with about the upcoming game and a look at Sam Bradford. TST will be doing something like that in the next few days, so check in frequently!

Mike at Ramsgab takes a look at the offensive line performance in the Oakland brawl. Dink and dunk is most certainly featured.

The Rams still need to sell some tickets if local fans want to avoid a blackout.

Bernie thinks the Rams coaching needs to be more creative. Oh yes, they do.


That's all for today. Go Rams!