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An Open Letter to Those Losing Hope

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Hey Ram fans. The following post is possibly the most meaningful post I've ever written. I'm sitting here on a Wednesday night working, and also thinking about the first couple of games in the young 2010 season. It also lead me to think about our Superbowl season in 1999. I do think of that often.

A month ago (while this could have been overly optimistic) I was dreaming about heading into week 3 at 2-0, Jackson and Bradford keeping us on the edge of our seats and a defense that had make me cringe at every snap, not from being cut up like last year, but from the very pain inflicted upon our opponents.

Yes, I am a die hard Rams fan. Reality hits fast, and we're sitting at 0-2 but you know what? We're not at the opposite end of the spectrum. Last year was the opposite end. Blowouts galore and really no excitement except for Josh Brown throwing a wobbler to our TE on a fake field goal, and an aged Leonard Little intercepting a pass and galloping toward the end zone - and of course.. SJAX.

After the jump, I want to tell you some important things.. especially you youngsters (god bless you for being Ram fans!).

I wanted to say that yes we are a BAD football team, but last year we were a HORRIBLE football team. Am I still frustrated? Heck yes! Did I want to throw my TV out the window at times during both games? Heck yes! Until I realized I watch the games on my computer.. and since I use it to connect with you guys here, I decided not to do it.. after all, I have breakdowns to do!

I'm not going to put you to sleep with facts and numbers and stats, I think we've discussed that enough. What I do want to do is mention a game I watched on youtube a couple days ago that really opened my eyes. 1999 versus the Atlanta Falcons. This was the second game of that Superbowl season, before anyone took us seriously.

In all honestly, that was the first year I did not order NFL Sunday ticket. Trent Green went down, Warner in.. I was really depressed.While I didn't jump ship, I did start to lose hope. I decided not to order, and wouldn't you know I missed one of the most magical seasons in NFL history, let alone, Rams history. I'll never do that again as long as I live.

Sure I caught the highlights, but not the full games.  This particular game really amazed me. We were the greatest show on turf with 2 massive deep threats and you know what? Our first drive versus Atlanta, we went on a 17 play 80 yard drive. You read that right. 17 plays, 80 yards and ate half of the first quarter. It was very Shurmur like.

We also split running duty between Marshall Faulk and Robert Holcomb. Holcomb was very underrated and broke off some nice runs. The balance we displayed was incredible. Sure, we went on a long dink and dunk "Shurmuresque" drive but we were CAPABLE of the big play and teams had to respect that. Until we start threatening down the field, we won't see that type of long drive success.

The fourth game that season, we played the 49ers and previous to that we had lost 17 straight games to them over 5 seasons. 17 straight games. All you younger fans who think the Seahawks are the real rivalry, think again... not in my book. Guys like RamChop will tell you... he's been there (i know many others here too).

Look it up on youtube and watch Bruce cry like a baby on the sidelines after his third TD catch and you'll know exactly what i'm talking about. You know what? I was watching live highlights of the game, sick with the flu.. i even know the date; October 10, 1999.. and I cried with him.

I guess what I am trying to say is, don't miss the turn around. Have faith and when it DOES turn around, it will be the best feeling you've ever had in your life. It truly feels like you're born again!