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NFL Draft notes & the week 4 CFB watch list

  Understandably, as a team with limited talent who will likely end up with a top 10 pick in the 2011 Draft, the Rams are already pushing TSTers to start looking at the next draft with a keener eye than many other teams.  This is life at the bottom, people.

  Throughout the last few days, I've seen a couple comments wondering if it's too early to start thinking about the '11 Draft.  I'm sure you guys know my answer - it's never too early.  The Rams' front office can't wait until after week 14 to start thinking about the draft, so why should we as dedicated fans?

  I know the college threads can be a bit boring.  And most people watching the next generation of NFL players are enjoying them with friends imbibing something delicious, not commenting on TST, a Rams community, about college players.  Believe me, I sympathize.  It's a great way to spend a Saturday.  But I think TST would be stronger if we (to steal a term from one of my favorite movies of the last decade, Black Dynamite) "collectamicize."

  I'm not asking everyone to watch every game on my watch lists.  And I beg you not to agree with my assessment of every prospect.  Healthy debate is just that - healthy.  But it only furthers our collective understanding if there is a discussion in the first place.  So please, if you are motivated enough to start talking draft, check out the watch list one Saturday.  Head over to Mocking the Draft.  Take a look at my last mock, or anyone else's for that matter.  Call in to Turf Show Radio, which, coincidentally, is every Saturday.

  I'm not trying to whore myself out for eyeballs; I'm just trying to generate more discussion.  There are a lot of bright minds here at TST.  I often find myself changing my opinions based on valid, coherent, well-developed arguments from numerous people here, and I know there are people who are paying attention to the college game who aren't jumping in.  I hope you will.  I know I'm not the only person hoping more of those constructive discussions materialize in the months ahead.

  If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve things, whether it's the watch list or the open threads for the college or anything, let me know.  Please.  What are you guys interested in?  What positions or players are you looking to know more about that will feature in next year's draft?  I'd love to hear from damn near every one of you...unless you wanted the Rams to take Tebow...then, feel free to sit this one out.  Nah, I'm just playing.  Everyone's opinion is valid.  I may not agree with you, but I'll definitely hear you out.

  So that being said, here's my week 4 college watch list.  I'm eager to see some of these matchups this Saturday.  And as always, for league-wide NFL Draft coverage, Mocking the Draft is a hell of a starting point.