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Random Ramsdom, 9/22: Separation

Are the St. Louis Rams one of a few teams that have made progress in contract talks with Vincent Jackson? And what about the Chargers? With a lengthy injury report following last week's loss to Oakland, do the Rams have contingency plans for the weeks ahead? Let's take a look.

Several teams are believed to have outlined a possible contract for Vincent Jackson, with one team said to be even closer; however, the Chargers are holding up any potential deal with their asking price of two second round picks. That's a steep asking price. Still, I can't blame them for trying. The market is obviously there and the Brandon Marshall deal established the price. If the shoe were on the other foot, wouldn't you want the Rams to get the best possible return for a player of that caliber?

It sounds like the Vikings are close to getting Jackson, with the Chargers' asking price, reported here as 2nd and 3rd round picks, holding up a deal. Rams are out on Jackson. That is a lot of wampum for a guy who'll get slapped with a really big suspension if he gets another DUI.

Check out what Jim Thomas had to say about the Rams receivers in his chat yesterday:

I repeat: I know it's difficult to see on TV as opposed to the stadium, but there weren't exactly receivers running free like gazelles on the pampas Sunday. And although Billy Bajema and Daniel Fells kept trying to play, knee injuries to them basically took the tight end out of the passing game. To me, Robinson doesn't seem to be moving as well as he did last year. I don't know if it's from the surgery or what.

I know people hate the playcalling, deservedly so sometimes, but the Rams are still limited by a lack of talent. It's why a player like Vincent Jackson is so enticing. In the meantime, I come back to a point that's been made before: give Mardy Gilyard and Fendi Onobun a chance. When the coaches say those guys aren't ready, I believe them. However, I also think given the team's lackluster options and desperate need to get something going, why not give them a shot? I'm sure there a couple plays in the book that those guys could run right now. What's the risk? Winless teams can't afford to be conservative.

DT Damione Lewis was in town yesterday as the Rams consider their options to fill the void at DT left by Darrell Scott and possibly Clifton Ryan. I can't imagine Lewis has too much to offer at this point in his career. Among the other names at Earth City was former Lions RB Kevin Jones, who hasn't played since 2008. Jones does have talent, more than the other options on the Rams roster behind Steven Jackson, but is he healthy? Can he stay healthy enough for 5-10 carrier a game?

Washington released RB Larry Johnsonperhaps because he did not play special teams