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NFL Rumors: Could the Rams add another spare part at WR?

The St. Louis Rams practice of using discarded and unwanted members of the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants has been used to help the team fill depleted spots on the roster many times before. Could another former Eagle be in consideration for the Rams as they look for receiving help?

The Eagles releasedWR Hank Baskett today, he of the Playboy wife. Given that he's a former Eagle that the Rams have been linked to before, you have to wonder if GM Billy Devaney won't at least make a call. 

Baskett's greatest asset is his size. He's a big target for a rookie QB who needs to make quick throws. Also making him attractive is that he can play wide receiver, something the Rams seem to lack at the moment. He does also play special teams, and his experience might be considered an upgrade over rookie Dominique Curry.

As far as what the Rams need in the receiving game, I'm not so sure Baskett is an upgrade other than the fact that he's healthy. He had five catches last season, playing for the Eagles and the Colts, and has never had more than 33 receptions in a season. The Rams have plenty of spare parts at wide receiver already, guys that already have a tough time getting any separation from defenders.  

UPDATE: Baskett may be headed back to Philly after all. 

Personally, I think the Rams need to start by making Brandon Gibson active. He doesn't have the speed they lost with Donnie Avery, but he knows the offense and can catch the ball. I have no idea why he's been MIA in the first two games of the season. 

It's also time to start giving Mardy Gilyard and Fendi Onobun some looks. The coaches claim both those guys aren't quite ready, and I'm apt to believe them. However, given the Rams other options, they deserve a shot. I'd really like to see what Onobun could do with his speed and size and a pass thrown in his direction. 

Oh, and there's always that Vincent Jackson guy...