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Late Monday Night NFC Football Thread 49ers Spotlight

I was shocked that no one made a topic for us to discuss this Monday Night Football game. As I speak the 49ers are down 22-20  and to be perfectly honest they look like the team that many experts picked to win the NFC West. After watching most of this game I am 100% sure that the Seahawks game was a fluke and that the 49ers could end up being a pretty good team.

Sorry that this will be short but I have a test to study for tomorrow. So I will throw some short points that I caught from the game, and let everyone discuss.

                                                    Saints win 25-22


4 Turnovers by the 49ers 2 lost fumbles, and 2 interceptions

Total yards Saints 287 and the 49ers 417

  • Alex Smith will end up being a pretty good QB this season.
  • Alex Smith is really athletic, did you see those QB runs when the play broke down?
  • The 49ers have a pretty good defense
  • The 49ers run defense is excellent
  • Frank Gore is the best all around RB in the NFC West
  • If you didn't know Patrick Willis is a beast.
  • If Alex Smith can play like he this game, he is best NFC west QB.
  • The 49ers have a lot of receiving threats.