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College football open thread

  Sure, the Rams have their final tune-up game before the regular season starts, and we'll likely see the bottom third of the roster on the field for most of the game as the coaching staff tries to get down to just 53 Rams.  But today is the opening day for college football.  There's a decent chance we'll see a future Ram or two tonight among tonight's 18 FBS games.  So if you catch any of the action tonight, this is the open thread for you.  Feel free to use it as a pre-game thread for the Rams game.

  For reference, here's my watch list for tonight in case you're gonna catch S. Miss v. S. Carolina or USC v. Hawaii (I won't name names, but I know some of you will be watching the Trojans...).   Both are on ESPN starting with the former at 7:30pm ET.  If you're not sure who to root for, Spencer Hall can help out.

  And one last note: make sure you run through the front page.  As I write this, we've already posted six stories today, and that's not counting Trevin's post from yesterday which was selected as one of the best stories from the network for Sep. 1st.

  Enjoy your football Thursday.  We've got plenty of em coming up.