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Roster battles: Rams backup running backs

Besides the 15 or so snaps that Sam Bradford will have to cement his grip on the week 1 starting job, the real story for the St. Louis Rams in tonight's preseason finale will be sorting out the depth chart.

We've prattled on quite enough about the various merits of players at contested spots like backup running back, third QB and cornerback depth. It's time to gauge the pulse of the nation with an unscientific poll...or even a series of them leading up to tonight's game.

Just like the last poll, but this time it's all about which RB gets the primary backup job behind Steven Jackson.

Kenneth Darby, Chris Ogbonnaya and Keith Toston have all looked about the same, which isn't to say that any of them have made fans feel better should the Rams have a game without Steven Jackson.

It's still very likely that that player could be found when teams make their final cuts this weekend, as some franchises have taken a fantasy football like approach in hording RBs this summer.