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Things Have Got To Change

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Well, another loss. This one really stung. While I know we are young, I felt today there were some glaring issues that look all too familiar that really have no excuse. I thought I would sound off about them here.

Spags: I love you man, but I was really expecting more from you from a game management standpoint. You have also shown absolutely no emotion on the sidelines.

Several times there were bad calls today, and maybe if you barked a bit early, Robbins may have got a pass on a "ticky tack" call to begin with, and we may all be celebrating a victory. Also, I was all for the 4 pillar thing early on but the bottom line is, we need some players. It's obvious.

I am convinced we have a serious problem here, not just "lack of experience".

Shurmer: Sam has looked like an absolute superstar on many occasions. You have shown lots of confidence in this young man, so why not let him utilize his talents?

This "dink and dunk" stuff has got to go, period. Teams load up the box, and that covers SJAX as well as our short pass game. I saw about 10 fake end arounds today. We have yet to run one end around all year. You heard that right. Not one. It kinda helps if you run one occasionally.

Devaney: How about making a few phone calls and picking up some talent. All year we hear you are, "in talks" with someone. Then you deny it. Then we hear it again. Then you say you decided against it. Come on now. How many more losses is it going to take to get some players here.

For all those ticked at Josh Brown: Yea, so he missed a FG. I'm not blaming him for this loss though. Kickers miss FG's on occasion. That's life. Heck, their kicker missed one as well, yet they got the W. I will admit, it did play out as a big miss. BUT good teams should overcome things like this.

That's really all I have to say. You may all get back to your alcohol, or antacids... or in my case, both. Also, sorry Van for pushing your post down. I didn't think you'd mind getting that one buried a bit anyway. Pathetic game.