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Random Ramsdom, 9-19: Do You Smell a Victory?


Well Rams fans, week 2 is here, and we head to the Raiders home turf to try and pull off our first win of the year. Last week was SO frustrating for me, and i'm sure all of you too.

This had a Rams win written all over it, and we just plain gave it away. Sickening... and oh so familiar.. but somewhere deep inside of me, I have a small bit of "understanding" which kicked in my "patience" meter.

Is this song true or what??

Let's hope this week we get a W.. I donno how many more gallons of Pepto I can chug on Sunday nights.

OK onto the links:

That's about it for today. Feel free to "shout it out loud" in the comments. Let's make some noise.. if you're wondering how, just type REALLY loud.

Hopefully we get a win, and don't have the second coming of the "Holy Roller" today.

And, as usual, GO RAMS !!