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Jackson & Robinson back at work: Random Ramsdom, 9/17

Steven Jackson is healthy enough to smash the Raiders.
Steven Jackson is healthy enough to smash the Raiders.

The first ingredient in the recipe for winning football games: healthy players. That's been harder to come by for the St. Louis Rams recently than an arm full of black truffles. This season started well enough, but injuries struck in week 1. 

Steven Jackson was back practicing yesterday and should be just fine versus Oakland this week. Ditto WR Laurent Robinson. CB Justin King was limited to individual work. Keep an eye on his status for this week's game. 


DT Clifton Ryan was hospitalized Wednesday night for illness. The Rams will need Ryan to make a speedy recovery as the defensive line should have plenty of opportunities this week. 

Speaking of the d-line, the PD has a look at that unit's growth under Spagnuolo and defensive coordinator Ken Flajole.

What does the Rams offense have in common with the one Mike Holmgren used in Seattle? The lack of name brand receivers. 

Keith Null meet Tom Brady...the Pats worked out Null yesterday.

The Rams coaches gave rookie LT Rodger Saffold a passing grade for his work against Joey Porter last week.

According to one report, the Rams are one of three teams that the Chargers have given permission to talk to WR Vincent Jackson. The other team is Seattle, which the Chargers have green lighted earlier, so no telling if they're still interested. The third team is believed to be the Vikings. Ok Devaney, don't let the Seahawks get him.

(3k note) And tomorrow's Saturday which means two things: college football, and Turf Show Radio.


Here's my watchlist for tomorrow, and here's the show link for tomorrow's episode of TSR.  As always, it's from 6-7pm ET.  The number to call to get on the air tomorrow is (818) 495-6910.  Holler...and go Rams.