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CFB open thread & week 3 watch list

Thursdays are kind of weird in the football season.

Every Thursday, I'm still thinking about the game from last weekend while going over the upcoming one. By Friday morning, the previous weekend has faded out, filed away in my brain's football archives for later use. Gladly, college football usually takes over on Thursdays and I'm digging through my notes on prospects, scouring for more information about guys, especially those beyond the first two rounds, and putting together my list of prospects to check out. So tonight, I say goodbye to Thursday. It's been real.

The slate of college games this weekend doesn't have the powerhouse matchups we had last weekend, although that certainly didn't produce as many fireworks as one might have hoped, outside of Denard Robinson. But that's ok. There's still plenty to enjoy, starting with tonight's Cincy-North Carolina St. game. And besides, next weekend is STACKED with great college games, so here's your one off.

Here's my watch list, and as always, for NFL Draft notes, head to Mocking the Draft. Holler.