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Rams add a linebacker

The St. Louis Rams were awarded a waiver claim on LB Bryan Kehl, who was released by the New York Giants this week. 

Kehl, the Giants' fourth round pick in 2008, has been a special teams stalwart for the G-Men. The former BYU outside linebacker also played on the weakside in NY, starting one game at that spot last year. Stats-wise its a tough read given his status as a role player. In 2008 he made 5 stops on 6 passing plays that came at him, with 1 INT. 

Special teams...WIL experience...if that doesn't scream replacement for Chris Chamberlain, I don't know what does. 

The former Giants and Eagles connection has fueled more than a few jokes, but for plugging holes left by injured role players it's not a bad strategy to pick up a known commodity. 

According to Brian Stull from ESPN 101, Chamberlain is still listed on the active roster. I suspect that he'll go to IR to make room for Kehl.