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Know Your Rams: Week One Results


Did you think I would forget? Perhaps. Perhaps I did this to make sure I wouldn't be lazy and wait until Friday to throw out the results (thus forcing the second spreadsheet onto Saturday, making the time in which you can make your picks a painfully small 24 hours). Regardless of my motivation, here are a couple of interesting facts from the picks all 224 of us who decided to play (see: join in):

  • Those who had the highest score overall picked the Cardinals (except for one).
  • Someone believed the Rams play in Hong Kong.
  • Those who picked Fred Robbins OR C.J. Ah You for the sacks category were awarded one point. 
  • Very few people had the Rams scoring only one offensive touchdown.
  • Nobody picked the correct score (there was a 17-13, but the teams were flipped).

Here is the excel file, categorized by alphabetical username, if you would like to check your score. Also, don't be afraid to point out any mistakes I made. I went through this excel file like lightning, so I'm not going to give a 100% guarantee everything is perfect.

KYR: Week One Results