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Game Thread: Rams vs. Arizona, week 1


This is the big day. I feel like I've said a new era starts now weekly, but it bears repeating: today is the start of a new era for the St. Louis Rams.

All eyes will be firmly fixed on rookie QB Sam Bradford as he makes what should be his first of many, many more starts as the franchise cornerstone. Of course, Bradford won't have to do it all himself. In fact, he won't have to do nearly as much as RB Steven Jackson, who'll shoulder a heavy load today and for the rest of the season to make the young QBs transition as smooth as possible.

Lots of matchups to watch on the other side of the ball as well, as the Rams defense looks gets its first shot to put to rest the doubts and disrupt an Arizona team with a shaky QB situation.

Here's the game preview.

Download the TST annual, the Ram-ual if you will, to keep by the table (as a coaster) for handy reference as the game goes on. Of course, the comment thread is open for business and you can also hit us up on Twitter @TurfShowTimes.