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Hey Rams fans. I really donno what to say today. Why? Because I am just too elated with excitement. I can't remember when I've been this excited for Rams football. So much has happened this offseason, beginning with Sam Bradford, that  has all of us a little giddy... especially after his preseason performances the last two games.

The talk is over. It's time for the Rams to show us what they got.

Now for the links:

  • Why not start your Sunday with a little Turf Show Radio action? Another killer episode by 3k and Van that will have you itching even MORE for opening kickoff. Check it out if you haven't already.
  • I was going to link to a few game previews, but here is an all in one link (3k's Game Preview) and at the bottom you can check out several other previews from other sources as well.
  • Van mentioned the Rams winning in the Madden simulation, and here's the full sim including stats. Sam had a great day throwing 2 scores and 0 picks. SJAX also found the endzone.

    "Bradford capped a frantic two-minute offense with a three-yard touchdown pass to win his first game as a pro."

    Hmmm let's hope their slogan, "... It's in the game."  is LITERALLY accurate today! I LIKE IT

  • Bernie Miklasz has a nice read on how SJAX will be Bradford's best friend. That is a hard point to argue.
  • Wondering what it will take for us to get a W? Look no further. Personally, I like Jim Thomas's outlook. Short and sweet, and on the money. You have to believe this game lies on the offensive line protecting Bradford... give Sam time and we'll see a lot of points. Simple as that.
  • Here's an interesting article by Mike Sando... Warner really felt like the Edwards Jones Dome was home. Have a gander at his stats as a Cardinal, and his visits back home. YE-OUCH! As much as I love Warner, i'm really glad he's not at the dome today!
  • Check out this LEAKED 911 call from Tom Brady's car accident
I leave you with this... The Suffering Ends Today my faithful Rams brothers and sisters. GO RAMS