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Backup running backs and Vobora on the bubble

A couple of afternoon updates to share. The first two deal with the St. Louis Rams' search for a running back to play behind Steven Jackson. The second item is a surprising roster prediction.

Derrick Ward was released by Tampa Bay as teams scaled down their rosters from 80 to 75 players. Signed as a free agent last season, Ward was a disappointment in Tampa Bay and was criticized during this offseason for being out of shape. Earlier speculation that the Rams could be interested, based on their interest prior to the 2009 season, was swatted down today with reports confirming Ward's awfulness. Nevertheless, ESPN 101's Brian Stull reports that Ward would be interested in a reunion of sorts with Spagnuolo.  I suspect the Rams will pass.

Willie Parker will get one last long look from the Redskins in preseason play this week, before they make a decision about whether or not to keep him. Keep an eye on how Parker looks yourself. 

Finally, Mike Sando has a post with his thoughts on the direction of the Rams' final roster. Not too many surprises, but he includes LB David Vobora as "on the bubble." Vobora has been solid for the Rams, and his preseason play has been consistent with what he showed on the field last season. If the Rams cut Vobora, he won't last on the wire very long. For Sando it comes down to special teams play, hence his inclusion of Chris Chamberlain on the safe side of roster cuts. Vobora will make the final cut; he's too valuable as a guy who can start any of the three LB spots in this defense. Josh Hull will end up on the practice squad. However, Hull is a guy to keep your eye on as well. The last player picked by the Rams in the draft, a Penn State product, has quietly had a very nice preseason.