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Bulger returns to St. polite

Just in case you forgot, the Ravens coming to town tomorrow night means the return of Marc Bulger to St. Louis. 

The Rams starters are expected to play about 15 snaps, and it's safe to assume that Baltimore's first units would probably play about the same amount of time. That means Marc Bulger will get a fair amount of playing time as he works to learn the Ravens offense.

I hope that fans at the game will treat Bulger with class. His recent seasons with the Rams were disappointing to say the least. Bulger was mostly a victim of neglect, the guy expected to do more less every year as the team decayed around him. The Rams never afforded him much protection from the offensive line and they never did a good job of supplementing the offensive skill players around him, save for Steven Jackson. 

He doesn't deserve your boos. Save those for Richie Incognito, Alex Barron or most deservedly of all Jay Zygmunt. 

Then again, maybe Bulger won't play. Troy Smith, fighting for his job, will play all four quarters