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Rams training camp: Soft tissue injuries no laughing matter, despite the term

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Chances are your favorite player from the St. Louis Rams was on the sideline today, being healed at the "School of Rock." Ok, so not everybody was nursing injuries today, but at least a baker's dozen of Rams players were working with strength and conditioning coach Rock Gullickson. 

The most notable injury was to OT Adam Goldberg. The super versatile offensive lineman hyperextended his elbow and will have an MRI to determine the severity and extent of it. This is troubling news indeed, with only one of the Rams starting offensive tackles healthy at the moment. Given Jason Smith's injury history a banged up Goldberg leaves the team perilously thin at offensive tackle. Phil Trautwein will be thrust into the spotlight if Goldberg has to miss any time. 

One bit of good news is that the Rams leading scorer last year, K Josh Brown, is expected to be fine in the wake of a hip injury.

There are some other names on that list that could hurt the Rams if they're out for too long. For instance, with Goldberg, Greco and Hank Fraley on the sidelines along with Jacob Bell, who was at guard today? Let's hope that these are just those classic soft tissue injuries. 

The Vikings could be without a number of players, including Percy Harvin, themselves when they head to St. Louis for the preseason opener this weekend.