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3k's links from the league

  - Well, the reports should begin popping up this morning on the scrimmage, so I'll leave those for Random Ramsdom, but I gotta show some love to a Rams blog out there that deserves some love: RamsHerd.  Along with RamsGab, it's one of the two Rams blogs I read on a daily basis.  At the Herd, Will put together a great report on last night's scrimmage.  It deserves your eyeballs.

 - The Seahawks had a scrimmage of their own last night, and, as always, John Morgan from Field Gulls is on it.

 - For Niners news, Ahmad Brooks was found to have a kidney laceration.  Bad stuff.  Last year, his third in the NFL, he record 6 sacks - not exactly a small part of the team going down.

 - Tim Tebow is now Friar Tuck.

 - Over at Bleeding Green Nation, SBN's Philly Eagles community, JimmyK put together a very comprehensive overview of fringe players that could be available as teams trim the edges.  Or is it hedges?  If there's a bustle in your hedgerow...

 - You could make the argument this year's HoF induction class was the best ever.  And for such a talented group, all reports suggest last night was as classy and satisfying as you could ask for.

 - Brett Favre _________ _____ ______ ______________ __ ________.

 - And to round out some random NFL linkage, a pair from Football Outsiders (both Rams related).  When FO breaks down rookie contracts, they break them down really, really well.  The second article uses FO statistics to show that Marc Bulger, Kyle Boller and Keith Null were all in the eight worst quarterbacks in the NFL under pressure in 2009.  In fact, Null was the worst.  Setting the bar pretty damn low for Sam "Handwich" Bradford.