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3k's links from the league

  Random Ramsdom has become the morning staple I was hoping it would become when I dropped the first one just over two years ago.  TST has come a long, long way.  Still, while we should spend plenty of time looking at our team, there's a lot of things going on in the division and around the league worth noting.  Plus, I figured it would be worth it to pass on some of the random stuff I read across SBN and various football-related sites on the interwebtubes.  And, begin.

  - San Francisco's ILB Scott McKillop is going to be out for quite a while after injuring his knee yesterday.  He was likely a backup/situational ILB behind Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes, but his greatest value was on ST.  This isn't on par with Denver's loss of Elvis Dumervil, but it's still worth noting.

 - John Morgan from Field Gulls reported on the Seahags' O-line practice last night.  If we're going to beat the Seahawks this season, we have to get on this unit.  Of course without Russell Okung, it's not the line I expect to see in the regular season, but action is action.

 - Awesome article on rookie salaries from Doug at Yahoo's Shutdown Corner.  Go read it now.

 - Need more Bradford-ery?  Via Pro Football Reference's blog,an attempt to figure out who will be the more valuable QB over the next six years: Sam Bradford or Tom Brady.

 - I would put a link on Brett Favre here if I gave a shit.  I don't.

 - As the author of the Playbook Projector series, I'm always trying to keep up on the game behind the game behind the fame (sorry, I've been listening to Mixtape Messiah 7 today).  In other words, the Xs and Os.  Over at Dawgs by Nature, SBN's community for the Cleveland Browns, rufio has been putting together a similar series.  It's worth checking all of his stuff out, but if I could note one, it would be a piece he wrote on the inside zone run about a month ago.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Seahawks or Cardinals roll this out this season; in fact, I expect to see zone blocking schemes from them pretty often.

 - And now for something TSTish.  For those of you who read the fine print know, Van and I have been working on a super top secret project that's not really all that super top secret: the 2010 TST annual.  Van's been leading the way on content and I've been working on layout & design; needless to say, it's been a serious effort just to get as far as we have, but I think it's going to be pretty cool.  So as we get closer to the release, I'll throw out a couple previews so you guys get a sense of what's coming.  Today's preview section: player pages.  We've put together a page on almost every player on the Rams' roster to be included with all kinds of random info.  So for this preview, here's the player pages of one of Van's favorites and one of mine in the blue and gold: TE Daniel Fells and DT Gary Gibson. Check it out.

Have a great Friday (read: have a drink for me tonight).