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Random Ramsdom: The Evening Edition 8/5/2010

I swear I have a heart, but anyone else get a little giddy any time another team gets a bad break, whether its a holdout, suspension, or injury?  One person's loss is another's gain.

  • Crossing our fingers, we had the good news today that Jason Smith participated in 11-on-11 drills today for the first time in training camp.  While he practiced with the second-team, it looks like he'll be fine in no time.
  • Our savior who will lead us out of the desert of misery and losses and into the land of milk, honey, and touchdowns...I mean Sam the nod as "Worth Consideration Off Your Waiver Wire" for fantasy football, with a comparison to Matt Schaub.  I think I'll pass, but maybe you see some potential.

Cameron Hollway over at CBS Sports got some good stuff on the Rams today:

  • Coach Steve Spagnola on rookie CB Jerome Murphy: "In this league, what slows down rookies is this part," said coach Steve Spagnuolo, pointing to his head. "What we've seen on tape isn't coming through yet, but we expect it to."
  • Jason Brown (6-3, 328) has been the most impressive offensive lineman in the one-on-one "Oklahoma Drill," road-grating anyone the defense puts in front of him.
  • An illustration of how young the WR corps is: rookie Mardy Gilyard's nickname for Laurent Robinson, 25, is "Old Man." The oldest of the 10-man group is third-year WR Donnie Avery, who turned 26 in June.
  • Rookie WR Mardy Gilyard on his blocking duties: "I was a slickster with it (at Cincinnati) -- show low and hit high. I'd try to scheme my way into having good blocks. I have to work on being a blocker. I'm a slim 195, so I have to lean toward the technique side of it."