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Turf Show Times map 2010 analysis

  I was just going to throw this back up in case anyone hasn't added on yet, but with everyone on there, I thought it worth checking out some of the more notable notes of noteworthiness worth noting.  Some random observations after the fold:

  First off, there's nearly 160 TSTers on there so far.  Not bad, but I know there are plenty of you lurking out there who haven't been added.  In due time, friends.

  The first thing that jumped out at me was all the international readers.  The size of our British contingent surprised me.  And the Brazilian offshoot was unsuspected as well - Karaoke fã da Rams to you too.

  Another pretty cool thing was the pockets of Rams fans across the country.  You've got the Portland quintuplets:  bdemartin, dbcouver, BlazerTom, gbrusca & BruinHalo; on the other side of the country, there's another 5-some in the D.C.-Baltimore metro area: keeperskillz24, Epic, AVA, Boofer and kinzav29.  We've got Cali covered up and down, a good showing in Florida, and of course Mizzou, but seeing those groups was cool.  I'm not saying you should all get together, have a beer and toast TST, but you should all buy me a beer and toast something.

  So if you still wanna hop on the map gravy train, this is probably last call for a while.  Cool stuff.