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Random Ramsdom: 8/5/2010

Lots and lots of optimism. You see it, I see it. The best course of action? Caution. 1-15 doesn't just vanish. It's not like teams that are bad can suddenly turn it around. Case in point, the 1999 Rams. Boy where they horrible.

But enough fantasy, onto the links!

  • Just kind of a recap of what Van had last night, firstly a check in with Leonard Little's situation and how he is still on the fence. Throw in the fact the Jason Smith is on the field again (about time) and Sam Bradford thinks that offense can be super swell, well, you can see where the optimism is coming from.
  • A news update wouldn't be complete without talking about Brett Favre. Who doesn't hate this guy at this point? I mean besides the teams he plays against, what fan hasn't he alienated in some way?
  • You'll be happy to know that OJ Atogwe is a galvanized man. If there is one thing about him that rusts away into nothing, it'd be his contract- not his game.
  • Dick "the crier" Vermeil would very much so like to be part of the Rams again. So much so, in fact, that'd he gladly help Stan Kroenke even after he actively tried to be a part of the Rams ownership during the dark ages of the sale of the team.
  • Be glad the Rams didn't pick Russell Okung- not only because he's holding out, but because he was drafted by the Seahawks.
That's all for today. Look for more news as the day progresses from training camp, injuries, etc. Let's hope today is an injury free, productive day for everyone. GO RAMS!