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3k's prospect watch list / Monday CFB open thread

  College football is almost here, and that means a new wave of NFL prospects is about to add the final line to their resumes.  Of course, if you have any deeper draft needs, Mocking the Draft is just a click away (editorial note: I have recently been added as a writer over at MTD, but that has no bearing on my endorsement of the site.)  I do, however, try to keep an eye on the college game for future Rams.

  Last year, I saw the entire 2010 Rams draft class play except for Eugene Sims, Hall Davis and Fendi Onobun; even though I saw a trio of Houston games, I don't remember ever seeing Fendi on the field.  I usually threw out a couple games or a handful of prospects last year on Turf Show Radio.  This year, I've got a spreadsheet I'll keep running throughout the season.

  My week 1 prospect watch list is here.  Feel free to use this thread for anything related to college football, whether it's any of the games or prospects in my week 1 watch list, or any that aren't.  For reference, here's my only 2011 mock draft thus far from mid-May.