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Random Ramsdom: 8/30/2010

Preseason week three seems to be the week of injuries in the NFL. How do they solve that? With an 18 game schedule of course! That way, teams would have lost players at the start of the regular season, you know, when injuries really matter and all that.

Onto the links for today:

  • Grievance or not, you can be sure Antonio Bryant is doing two things: enjoying the 8 million he received from the Bengals and looking for a new team to make even more money. The Rams should sign him, because his knee isn't as bad as Avery's. Great reasoning.
  • A few days old, but worth a look again. The Rams had a video highlights headline on A video highlights headline. They are sooo going to the Superbowl.
  • Slightly newer, but if you haven't checked out what is what like on the Patriots end to get shellacked by the helpless Rams, you probably should.
  • Ramsgab reviews the QB play, and the RB/TE play of last Thursday's game.
  • Bryan Burwell. Sam Bradford: The Future is Now. I didn't make any of that up.
  • Hey, VT, here's another article on Danny Boy. Or should I say, White Chocolate?

That's all for today. I tried to overreact, I really did. But it's tough when the game is on a Thursday and not a Sunday. Regardless, Go Rams!