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Rams training camp: Players running laps in triple digit heat...we love it

The heat index in St. Charles, MO, the approximate where St. Louis Rams are having their training camp, is a tepid 111 degrees. Needless to say, it's impacting practice results a bit for the Rams players, but that's not stopping them from being held accountable. 

After a severe bout of false start penalties this morning, players jumping the gun were treated to a lap around the field, a consequence merited out by the players themselves. Steven Jackson took a lap himself.

I love it. This is a great sign that there's a new mentality settling in at Rams Park. 

Alex Barron would be down to about 250 lbs if the team had done this prior to this training camp. 

Mardy Gilyard had rough day, dropping a number of passes. This too shall pass. It's practice and response is everything.