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Will Brett Favre retire? The Rams won't miss him if he does

When the St. Louis Rams take on the Minnesota Vikings to open preseason play on Aug. 14, the Vikes may lack one familiar face. For at least the, what, fifth time? Brett Favre is considering retirement

The interwebs have buzzed all morning with the yawning possibility of Favre calling it a career before lacing up his cleats for a 20th season. He's reportedly told teammates and officials from the Vikings that he will retire. 

Favre's retirement has not been confirmed yet, so believe nothing until he's not playing in week 1...and even then I'd give it a few games. 

An interesting follow-up story that makes Favre's retirement that much more plausible is that the Vikings are said to be ready to offer him more money to return this year. Doubtlessly, they fear their chances without him more than with him. At the very least, Favre can help sell tickets. 

So, to recap, Favre's retiring...again...maybe. 

In 13 career games against the Rams, Favre has a 10-3 record, 62.6 completion percentage, 2,798 yards, 20 TDs and 14 INTs. 

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