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The Rams and Vincent Jackson

Don't get too excited about the whispers of the St. Louis Rams being interested in Chargers holdout wide receiver Vincent Jackson

Yes, Jackson would be a great get for the Rams, factoring out all of the other issues surrounding him right now, like a three-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy, big contract demands and a possible extra three games out of action if he doesn't sign his RFA tender by Sep. 4. 

Those aren't minor considerations. 

Jackson was once said to be asking for a $50 million deal, with $30 million guaranteed, for five years. That's more than Brandon Marshall got from the Dolphins this year. Though, his agent has since said those were not his demands. A trade with the Chargers would also require the Rams to give up a heap of draft picks, not the least of which would be their second rounder next year. Remember, Marshall fetched two second round picks in consecutive years. Something else to consider, the Rams would be giving up a second round pick(s) and paying the player they acquired like a first round pick. 

Jackson would give the Rams a true blue #1 WR for a while, and could help vault them into contention sooner than a draft pick that would take a year or two to learn the game and a reach his potential. Sam Bradford gave the Rams a very encouraging sneak peak at his enormous potential, and with Avery hurt there has to be some sense of urgency to get another receiver in the mix.

On the flip side, those draft picks could bolster the Rams defense or any other unit. That's opportunity cost. With the Rams not yet ready to contend, does it makes sense to go all-in on one very expensive player? 

At this point, it's all philosophical, the work of a columnist thinking that well-heeled new ownership could instantly start throwing some weight around right off the bat. 

It seems unlikely that Vincent Jackson will be coming to St. Louis.