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Random Ramsdom, 8-28: Sweet & Sour Victory


It's another football-less Sunday <sigh>. I know, I know, SOON we'll all be basking in Rams football on Sundays and all these empty Sundays will be forgotten like Incognito, Barron and Bulger.

Well, we won another game. Isn't this two in a row? OK so it is preseason and it means nothing right? I beg to differ. For all those telling us, "Don't get too excited, snap back to reality." I say unto you.. listen closely.. you listening?

"RASPBERRY".. no wait, "DOUBLE RASPBERRY"   (if anyone can tell me where to find a picture of someone sticking their tongue out with thumbs in their ears, please tell me because i'll be damned if I can find one!)

I REFUSE to not get excited. Totally refuse. Yes it was a preseason game, but no Rams fan in their right mind could NOT be excited right now after seeing what Bradford is capable of. This was HUGE and we definitely need to be excited!

So PLEASE, let me have my week. Just this one, OK?

Now onto the links.. there's not a ton, but here's what I have:

  • We all know the "sweet of the week" so I won't post too many links on that, but here's the sour. We've lost Donnie Avery for the season with a torn ACL. I really feel bad for Donnie. He bulked up and really prepared himself to prevent injuries this year. This has to be deflating. Hang in their Donnie, Rams nation is with you brother.
  • Is it me, or does Spags sound a bit stressed here concerning the Avery situation? No doubt, even with a great showing against the Pats, this has to really hurt the overall system that was in place. Bottom line, someone has to fill Donnie's shoes, internal, or someone else. Spags made that clear.
  • Not to make this "all Avery" but here's an interesting take by on why we should make a move for Vincent Jackson.
  • Our own Jigzsaw went to college with Saffold and Saffold guaranteed he'd be a pro-bowler. Awesome to hear! Looks like my "Breakdown" last week was justified.
  • The Sam Bradford era appears to be in full swing. Sam Bradford gets the nod in our finale' of preseason action (Ravens) and Spags said, "We would like to see Sam put back-to-back games together, and we'll make a decision shortly after that game which direction we're going to go with the quarterback,".

    What's interesting here is Spags also said Feeley most likely wouldn't have been able to play anyway...  This would have been a perfect segway for Spags to downplay the start, but he didn't.

    His decision to start Bradford was NOT because Feeley wasn't going to be ready. Surprising since Spags and Devaney are well known for not showing their cards so they must really be excited about Bradford; so much so that Spags "woody" is there for everyone to see.

    I think all signs point to Bradford starting in game 1 as long as Sam doesn't have a complete mental meltdown. It's incredible what the kid has done so far. To win the starting QB job already, is nothing short of amazing.

    What's more is, imagine a year or two of experience under his belt. I better stop now before someone tells me to snap back to reality again. I'd hate to start another rant.
That's about it folks.. enjoy your Sunday, and GO RAMS

PS: "breakdown" coming!