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Pictures from an exhibition game: Rams top the Patriots on Bradford's big night

The St. Louis Rams made a statement in their win over the New England Patriots. It may have been merely a preseason game, but for a long-suffering franchise that so desperately needed some visible signs of a turnaround it was a gift. 

Credit rookie QB Sam Bradford. The first overall pick played like a seasoned veteran, for the most part, ending the night after the first half going 15 of 22 with 189 yards and 2 TDs. With Steven Jackson in the game for the opening drive, the Rams looked as close to unstoppable as they have in years. 

The night wasn't all smiles though as WR Donnie Avery suffered a nasty knee injury that could very well keep him on the sidelines for significant time. Keep your fingers crossed. 

Click on the photo above for lots more from the Rams 36-35 win over the Patriots. Read the full recap of the Rams win right here.