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Random Ramsdom: 8/26/2010

The Rams have a new owner...sort of. It's a bit late for me, so I'm going to go straight into the links today:


  • The first article isn't about the Rams. Mad Mike and Isaac Bruce are out to turn the Bears into a powerhouse offense. Even if you hated Martz, I'd still thing that somewhere deep down you're angry that Bruce isn't out there helping the young Rams receivers.
  • Remember that Shahid Khan guy? Well, at least he is bowing out gracefully. In return, Kroenke did what he does best: pitch the Luxury boxes to the man.
  • Mike Sando has the inside scoop on the deal. Yes, there is a focus on whether or not the team stays in STL.
  • Can Bradford succeed? Sando asked some of the current Rams players who had rookie QB's in their past what needs to be done so that he doesn't turn into the next Joey Harrington.
  • If you're looking for optimism; don't read this. No seriously, I'm not kidding. It took the hope right out of me. If you feel like jumping down the rabbit hole even farther, take a look at this too. Don't fret though, teams normally bounce back after a few years, or decades, if you are a Lions fan. (zinnggg!!! O.K., maybe it wasn't that good...or am I just that tired?)
  • the PD has a look at the Pats game. It's definitely Bradford's night to shine, and we will all be hoping he will be.

That's all for right now, but I'm sure this place will be buzzing later on! Go Rams!