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Pistol Pete's Main Event: Pat Shurmur and Crochet



Welcome to another addition of Pistol Pete's Main Event. This time around we're going to look at the Rams Offensive Coordinator, Pat Shurmur and how his playbook and philosophy looks strikingly similar to crochet.

It's no surprise that with the lack of offense we've seen so far in the preseason, that many of us here at TST have raised some concern. Is it possible that Shurmer has a pass play that is longer than 5-6 yards? HOPEFULLY. 

At any rate, I think i've found the problem. You'll see below how Shurmur might have created his playbook and basing his philosophy around something my mother in law loves to do... Crochet. Maybe that's why we don't see any down the field plays?

Think i'm wrong? Look after the jump and tell me if i'm wrong.

Bobble (Crochet)

The bobble is a combination of 4 double crochet stitches that you make in the same stitch, except you leave each dc stitch half-complete and then link them all together at the end.


Bobble (Football)

The Bobble is when the ball is nearly fumbled, such as we've seen numerous times by Bradford in the last 2 pre-season games. CHECK. This is an ingenius play really. Faking a fumble (bobble) will pay dividends at some point in the season with a big end-around gainer.. I can feel it.


Cast Off (Crochet)

Linking your last row of stitches to make a neat edge that won't unravel when crocheting.


Cast Off (Football)

Signing a player either near the end of his career, or a player who has struggled everywhere else he has played. McMichael, Boller etc. is proof positive! CHECK. The addition of Carpenter, Robbins, and a few others could be another similar strategy. We'll see how they perform.


Reverse (Crochet)

It creates a very pretty finished edge, and like its name suggests, is done like the single crochet stitch, except 



Reverse (Football)

Sometimes referred to as an "end around" and is a handoff to a WR who comes behind the QB and runs around to the outside. CHECK



There you have it... convinced?

BTW Shurmur, there is also a Forward Pass in Crochet too in case you didn't know.