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Have the Rams added WR Danario Alexander? Yes, they have.

Have the St. Louis Rams made an offer to former Missouri WR Danario Alexander? 

UPDATE: The answer is yes, the Rams have signed Danario Alexander. Essentially swapping him out for last year's 5th round pick Brooks Foster. As I said earlier, it's a good move for the Rams to add some real potential to a group of young receivers, few of whom played well against the Browns this week. The only risk here is his health. Now, about that running back...

As reported here last night by Tevin, Alexander said he was "STL bound." The question remains as to whether or not he's headed to the Gateway City to join the Rams or maybe just to have some toasted ravioli. Given the nature of his tweets, I suspect he'll join the Rams.

That's good news for a team whose wide receiver competition hasn't been much to talk about beyond the first few roster spots. Alexander, who couldn't pass a physical at draft time thanks to another knee surgery (he's had four), has been back up to speed, running a 4.4 at his "pro day" last month. 

What does Alexander bring that the Rams need? He has a real ability to separate himself, both physically and with his speed, which can turn a catch into a big play. That's something the Rams really lack in their receivers, beyond the first few guys on the depth chart. He's good on a screen pass too, according to scouting reports, which would be a huge help for the Rams. 

He'll have to add some bulk to his frame with the goal being to help prevent injury, a la Donnie Avery this year. He plays a physical style and can block, which is an asset, but as we've seen with other physical receivers the injury risk goes up with those guys, see Burton, Keenan. 

If the Rams do sign him/have signed him, he's still not a sure thing to make the final cut. However, he does make the picture at wide receiver much more interesting. I hope that the Rams have added him to the mix.

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