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Random Ramsdom, Sunday 8-22: Sweet Victory at Last


Well Rams fans, it's Sunday again, and even though we're still a few weeks away from an official regular season game, we at least won our first game of the year last night 19-17 versus the Browns in a rain filled event. All in all, we played better across the offensive line (no sacks allowed!), but we still have a lot of unanswered questions.

Who will back up Steven? Ogbannaya certainly did not make a case, nor did Toston (although he appeared to be the best in pass protection). Darby? Well, Darby was Darby and looked the best of the three as far as running the ball, if that says anything.

Also, we still need a wide receiver to step up to the plate... <crickets chirping> Play calling was another head scratcher at times, BUT with it being preseason, is Shurmer playing all his cards? We'll find out soon enough...

On to the links:

  • A.J. Feeley injured his thumb in the first quarter. Relax, x-rays negative
  • According to ESPN, Bradford struggled? OK so his stats weren't impressive, BUT c'mon.. his second game in a rainstorm and I personally counted 3-4 dropped balls. Let's be serious.
  • Here's a recap of the game in which we recovered 5 turnovers and DID score a TD on a pass play... let me repeat that again. We DID score a TD on a pass play (Feeley to Fells)
  • Sando's Camp Confidential is finally out. I do agree with his point on Bradford starting week 1. Interesting take!
  • How's Steve Jackson's back holding up? JUST FINE It's amazing how different the Rams offense looks when Jackson is in the game. I predict a much better offense in week 1 of the regular season. It's like night and day as our QB's have so much more time in the pocket since they have to account for the beast.

Hang on one second while I make a very important phone call..

<dialing phone> <ringing> Hello, Donnie? Donnie Avery? Do you still play for the Rams?<click>

That's about it for now... I'll let you go now so you can get back to celebrating Kyle Busch's Bristol sweep.