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Fantasy weekend: Talking quarterbacks

I know you're itching for the Rams game tonight and the hours in between are just wasted. Game thread coming an hour before kickoff. And for those of you wondering, Turf Show Radio returns in September. 

Well, to help you fill the time how about a little conversation about fantasy football? 

Today's topic: Quarterbacks

A series of questions for discussion.

  1. Who's the top QB, for fantasy purposes, this season? In years past it seems like Peyton Manning was an easy choice, even if he didn't finish the season with the top stats, like last year, he was easily the best choice as of early September. Manning's still in the top three for most, but Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are getting more love from pundits. 
  2. When do you draft a QB? Late first round seems to be the consensus spot for the best QB. Even then, most people seemed to hold out for a running back. The league's a different place. Passing rules the day in the NFL, so drafting a top QB is probably more beneficial than most running backs. Consistency is the issue here. A QB can have a great season, but one week the points aren't there from a fantasy perspective. 
  3. Sleeper picks? If you do forego the QB early on, will there be any help available later in the draft? I tend to think that Carson Palmer, who isn't getting much higher than #13 in the rankings it seems, could have a big rebound this year. What about Matthew Stafford? The Lions have more weapons than just Megatron now. 

That's a little something to tide you over before kickoff. 


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