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What is the Rams Identity?

I've been a Rams fan for a long time. Since 1983 to be exact. I've seen many different teams and coaches come and go. From Chuck Knox to John Robinson, to Vermeil, to Martz to (gasp) Linehan, and now Spags.

Each team and progression, I felt the Rams had an identity. Whenever you heard the word, "Rams" you would immediately picture something in your mind, whether it be a player or just a general playing style in general.

As an example, In 1983-84 you would think Eric Dickerson and a styfling defense. in 1989 if I said "Rams" you'd immediately be thinking John Robinson, ground attack, Jim Everett and Henry Ellard. You kinda knew what you were getting.

And of course who could forget 1999-2002 and "The Greatest Show on Turf". Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and the gang tearing it up every week scaring opposing defenses.

Looking at other teams today, when I say "Colts" an immediate identity comes to mind. Manning and the air show.

However, when I say "Rams" today... nothing pops into my head. I'm not being rude or cruel, I love the Rams more than you can imagine, but seriously.. who are we? And more importantly, who are we trying to become?

Steven Jackson is a beast, but even HE doesn't produce any type of identity for the team in my mind.. not to the extent i've seen in the past. Love ya Steven, no disrespect. Keep in mind, this post isn't about individual talent, this is about team identity.

Currently we have a defensive minded head coach Steve Spagnuolo, and have drafted Sam Bradford, a QB touted by many as being the next Peyton Manning, coupled with a beast for a RB.

My whole point is, WHO are we? What direction are we going? Where do YOU see us as far as identity for the next 5 years.

Will we be an offensive powerhouse behind Sam? Will we be a terrifying defense and tough nosed team?